Professional Development Plan

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Self-Evaluation (required)
Identify what you consider to be personal strengths and areas of proficiency in addition to limitations or concerns that you wish to address.

Goal Statements (required)
State, in measurable terms, the outcomes you plan to achieve in terms of professional and/or organizational goals. Professional goals may include improvement of skills in computer technology, teaching, communication, or leadership, as well as further education in areas that relate to your career. Organizational goals may include activities related to your position, department, or service area. These goals should reflect the mission, purpose, and guiding principles of BCC.

Methods of Accomplishing Goals (required)
Describe the activities you plan to pursue to accomplish your goals. Include research, curriculum development, professional conferences, workshops, seminars, professional travel, technical updating, or other options that may be available internally/externally.

Budget and Funding (required)
List any and all resources required/available to accomplish your goals. Your dean or immediate supervisor can help provide the data necessary to complete this section.

Other Resources (required)
List anything other than monetary resources, such as, people, organizations or institutions necessary to accomplish your goals.